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Welcome to PaperBabies!

Handmade Fine Folk Art

Made from Recycled Paper

by Michele Rome

Please Click on the Photo above to take you to my Available items on Etsy if you do not have etsy or see something pictured in my gallery please email me at's an underscore not a dash)

Click here to see what's available

I make unique papier maché items some from antique cookie, cake, jello, and candy molds and some100% from my imagination. Each one of my "cast of characters" is hand-painted and some are embellished with mica dust (glitter), flags, flowers, bottle-brush trees, you get the idea...

I have been collecting antique and vintage chocolate and cookie press molds from all over the world (France, Russia, Germany, just to name a few places) for many years. I have some molds as big as 3 ft + tall! Everything I make is 100% by hand. I've gone so far as to tea-stain chenille myself, if I can't find exactly what my Santa needs. I use authentic vintage items for decorating as well.

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