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German Style Candy Containers

As Pictured In Early American Magazine

Among the Top 5 in the Holiday Category

I'm so honored ! 

History of the Candy Container Out of the German toy industry in the 1880s emerged figures made of cotton or paper Mache’ that sat on top of boxes, snowballs, logs or some other form that could hold candy. Some of the more elaborate candy containers were extremely detailed reindeer or father Christmas figures that separated at the waist, concealing a cylinder that held the candy. Some separated at the neck and the candy would be stored in the body. Still other Santa's and Bunny figures held a basket with candy on their backs or belts. The containers were made by the woman and children most likely after school work and their chores were finished. They would sell these containers to the local candy stores to for pocket money. The larger containers would be a store display while the smaller ones would be a gift for a more well off child on the morning of the holiday.

ABOUT MY ITEMS The items I make are all hand constructed from the cylinder to the head each doll is then dressed will little outfits that I sew. The fabrics are vintage scraps I collect from blankets, remnants and old hats. The toys are a mix of vintage ornaments and handmade paper mache pieces that I have constructed. Each is hand painted and every doll is one of a kind. My finished product reminds me so much of my Grandma and her love of the holidays and her heritage in Germany.  


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